Really enjoyed my time using the website. I spoke to a number of great girls and met up with a few, one of which I am still dating today and can see it lasting into the future! I would definitely recommend the site to my single friends.

- Mark (Canada)

I had almost given up on finding my soul-mate when I came across this online service, Ikar International and decided to try my luck with finding her overseas. 4 months later I was on my way to Kiev to meet Katya. I was attracted by her beauty and honesty, especially when she told me that she just wanted to exercise her English speaking skills by registering on an international dating site. The service I experienced with the website was trustworthy and easy to use. I came to meet Katya in January, and she agreed to marry me on my next trip when I came to see her in June. Now being married to my true soul-mate I could not be happier. It would not be possible without Ikar International.

- Dean (USA)

I met Nastya for the first time after corresponding with her over the email last year in Moscow. We already have a great relationship and have been married for six month. I am very happy that I went to Moscow to meet and finally marry this wonderful woman. Nastya is very understanding of my needs as a man and boy, can she cook! Nastya and I now live in New York on Long Island and she has become accustomed to live in the US very quickly. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

- Ron (USA)

I was always skeptical about international dating. I thought most of the websites were scams, but was always attracted to Eastern European girls. One of my mates who met a woman from Belarus recommended browsing this site. I changed my mind about international dating. I started communicating with ladies and was impressed by how easy it was to build rapport and learn a lot about the person through online dating. I look forward to continue using this site in my search of the perfect woman.

- Simon (UK)

Brilliant website, brilliant features and an all-round enjoyable experience. Can't fault it at all I am pleased to say. Dating can be tough so websites like this with honest girls is a life saver when you are a little bit shyer than most people like me. It gave me a chance to shine.

- Austin (USA)

Natasha and I have now been happily married for three years and she is about to get her US citizenship. What can I say about Natasha? She has opened a new door in my life. Ever since I began to write to her over the email and finally went to Irkutsk for the first time to meet her, she has been a great tour guide, showing me beautiful Lake Baikal, the Decemberist's House Museum and other things in Irkutsk and around town. Upon coming to America, Natasha settled very well in Chicago, where we live now. She has also opened me to her faith, which I eventually ended up converting to. Natasha and I now go to church at Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Church near Chicago and I am very happy to have her in my life.

- John (USA)

My family came to Canada from Russia when I was really young. I decided that I wanted to marry a Russian woman to preserve Russian traditions in the family and pass it on to future children. I started using various sites to look for my fate in Russia. At times I felt I was going to be scammed or was overwhelmed by all the services that were thrown at me. I finally came across your website and could not believe how simple and straightforward your service was. After a few months of searching and talking to some really pretty Russian girls, I met Svetlana. We have been talking now for few months and I am very excited about meeting her this summer. We are planning a vacation together and I am counting days until the day we can finally meet. I just wanted to express my appreciation for this website that has made a big difference in my life already.

- Vladimir (Canada)

If you are interested in finding the perfect Russian woman then this is the website for you. I was lucky enough to find my soulmate after a few short weeks and couldn't be more thankful! I will definitely be recommending the website to my friends. My happy future is all down to trusting that a website like this can help people like me.

- Pierre (France)

I got to know Sonya through your agency. Needing a good Jewish companion, I was very happy to have met Sonya. Learning that she religiously goes to the synagogue in her home town of Odessa, I was very happy to get to know her. Being Jewish myself, finally finding the right companion for me was very important. Upon visiting Odessa for the first time, I met Sonya and her parents and it was practically love at first site. She came to Australia about a year ago and our Rabbi married us. We just had our first child and I now know that meeting her and bringing her to Australia was the right thing to do.

- Andrew (Australia)

I found my love, Galina, from Belarus on Ikar International one day after registration. After two months of emails, phone calls and skype chats we knew that we had many things in common and were ready for next step. We decided to meet in Kiev for the first time. We spent a weekend together and are both looking forward to our future together.

- Ewald (Netherlands)

I am happily married after finding love on the site. I was always dubious about using online dating sites but now I am so glad I did! If I hadn't I may never have met my beautiful wife and could still be out there searching for The One.

- Ben (New Zealand)

I heard about your agency from a friend and began to correspond with Ira. We began writing to each other for a year and a half and finally got to see her for the first time last year. I have never been to Russia before and I must admit that Mineralnyie Vody is a very beautiful town! Ira is a wonderful woman and we just got married a month ago. Ira is very smart and speaks good English. She is well dressed, which is a breath of fresh air for me. She is a real woman, caring, gentle, and is always there in a time of need. Ira has become the light of my life and look forward to live the rest of our lives together.

- George (England)

I have been using your service for several months and have been very satisfied with the experience. The ladies who I have been in contact with all seemed nice and responsive. They were honest if they did not see me as a right fit for them. I am still looking for the right woman but I am going to continue searching here because it offers great opportunities for people from different continents to meet and find love.

- Richard (Australia)

I am a relatively shy and quiet guy so find it hard to talk to women, let alone take them on a date. The website let me get to know my girlfriend online before we met and she got to know me - I didn't feel as shy when it came to the first date!

- Brett (USA)

Katya and I got to know each other through your service and she is the best thing that has happened in my life. We started writing each other three years ago and I went to Volgograd to meet her for the first time last year. Meeting her parents was also an interesting experience. They welcomed me with open arms. Katya and I got married earlier this year and live in Los Angeles. Katya is a great wife and unlike the wife I divorced seven years ago, she cares about me, my well being, and makes sure I stay healthy. She is very good with the kids from my previous marriage and they love her like their own mom. She teaches them many things they never would have learned otherwise. She is just as good a wife as a mother. She cares for us when we get sick, helps around the house and very pleasant to be around.

- Steve (USA)

Highly recommend it! I have met a wonderful woman that I am planning to start my life together with on your site. I had a great experience corresponding with several very nice women. Since now I am committed to Nadya, I no longer need this service. It has been a pleasure using your wonderful site, I highly recommend it! Thank you Ikar International!

- Tom (USA)

As an older gentleman I didn't ever think I would find a wife; but thanks to the website I am now happily married to a beautiful women and I couldn't be happier. A great experience with a great ending. Being a bit older doesn't need to hold you back.

- Michael (UK)

Zalina has been a great part of my life for five years now. After being introduced to her through your agency, I went to visit her home town in Vladikavkaz. Because of Zalina I learned how great and diverse Russia really is. Having introduced me to her parents and that great Ossetian cooking, Zalina and I have now been happily married for two and a half years. After coming to America, she adapted quite well in our small town in West Virginia. The mountains remind her of home and loves this place very much. Zalina and I have already had one child who is now a year and a half. She is a very good mother to her and a great wife to me. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this amazing woman.

- Jason (USA)

Completely worth the risk, time and money. When you sign up with a dating service you think that you put a lot of effort into creating a profile, spending time and money resources to communicate and meet women, especially when it comes to meeting women from other countries. Through this site you can get to know the girl, find out what she looks like, get to know her nature and character before arranging a meeting. As someone who has been in many awkward dating situations I like that this service offers a fresh perspective on finding my love and future wife. And the fact that women from Eastern Europe are both beautiful and make great wives goes without saying.

- Mark (Ireland)

I'm annoyed I didn't try this website soon. I can only give it good reviews and have nothing negative to say - which is unlike me! I've met a number of lovely women through the website and really see myself meeting that someone special soon, hopefully my soul mate. Five stars.

- Leon (Germany)

I must say, I was a bit nervous at first when I started corresponding with Anya through your site, but words cannot describe how thankful I am to your agency for introducing me to this great woman. Anya and I just got married a month ago. I remember the first time I went to visit her last year and was amazed at the spirit of Russia. Her parents welcomed me with open arms and we seem to have the same things in common. I may actually move to Russia, as she likes America, but I like Russia more. Anya and I have been working with a Russian visa service in Seattle to see how to get a residential visa for me. Anya has no issues with me wanting to move to Russia, which shows she is a great woman and loves me for whatever I do.

- Scott (USA)

My wife Julia and I were members of Ikar International for a while. Before we met each other, we both talked to other people while searching for each other. In September, we met and that day completely changed our lives. We got married in December and started a new chapter in our lives. We want to thank the creators of this service for giving us a chance to meet and find happiness in our lives again. Best wishes to everyone who is still looking for their match!

- David (Switzerland)

I have found my soul mate through online dating. I met a young lady from the Ukraine on the website a few years ago and we are now happily married and are thinking about starting a family. I have found the perfect women and the fairytale ending.

- Harry (Australia)

Your agency connected me with Svieta seven years ago and we already saw that we were made for each other when I went to visit her for the first time four years ago in her home town of St. Petersburg. It was winter, around New Years and Christmas when I saw her for the first time. Svieta and I have now been happily married for three years and are waiting our first child. Svieta is due in a couple of months. She is a great wife to me and is always there for me with moral support. I can already see she will be a great mother to our new coming child.

- Aaron (Canada)

A year ago I followed the link that led to Ikar International. I never met foreign girls on website before and wanted to try. So I got the membership. I made good friends with some girls but no one to be ready to travel for. I also heard stories about Russian girls who asked for money or were looking to marry right away. Then one time I started talking to a girl from Minsk by accident and at first was not really interested in her. Our conversations continued after that and we talked for hours every day. I knew that this girl was different from the others. I met her during Christmas holidays and we spent a week together. After 7 months I feel we belong together. I am thankful to this website for bringing us together.

- Niko (Finland)

Don't let the thought of online dating put you off. I have only had good experiences with this website and all the girls are honest, kind and are really up for getting to know you as a person. I'm enjoying my time meeting women on the website and will continue to use it.

- Jacob (Spain)

Your agency has connected me with several women from Russia in the past, but I chose Zhanna in Moscow. After corresponding with her for a year and a half, I found that she seems to have everything in common with me. I went to Moscow to see her for the first time late last year and already knew this was the right girl for me. I just got her fiancee visa and she came to the US for the first time a month ago. We plan to marry in two months. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

- Bob (USA)

Alina and I corresponded for about 4 months when I offered to meet face to face. It certainly took a while to arrange and plan our meeting, but it was totally worth it. When we first met there was definitely a bit of a culture shock but it did not take long to adopt and realize that we had true feelings for each other. Two months later I went to her hometown to meet her daughter and spend more time with Alina. While I was visiting her for the second time I realized that she was the one and asked her to be my wife. We are now gathering paperwork for her to travel to United States and be married here. Thank you.

- Ed (USA)

If there is one thing I have learnt it is that this website is the place to go to find a beautiful bride. I was sceptical at first but am now glad I gave it a shot as I not only had a good experience, but I have found my soon-to-be Russian wife.

- John (UK)

This website has introduced me to the girl of my dreams. Having corresponded with Gulia for two years now, I went to see her a year ago in her home town of Kazan. I never knew who the Tatars were until I met Gulia and because of her I got to see the beautiful Volga river. Gulia and I actually got married. Thank you very much.

- Magnus (Norway)

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